Tattoo Artist School: Things You Need To Know

Tattoo Artist School: The Ins and Outs Things You Need To Know

The art of placating wondrous and intrinsic designs onto a person’s skin has been practiced for centuries and bares deep meaning in many cultures; from the Celtic pagan markings of the Picts and other western European cultures, to the spiritual and decorative tattoos of the Ainu and the social hierarchal markings of the Japanese. Tattoos have been a way to display a person’s allegiance and beliefs through the power of art, and this hasn’t changed. Tattoos have remained one of the most captivating mediums to express a person’s beliefs with pridef, and recently a tattoo revolution has faced resurgence in our generation with the power of social media.
You may have wondered about starting the journey of becoming a master in the craft of tattooing and possess a deep respect for the art and those who produce such wonderful masterpieces. Unfortunately tattooing isn’t as easy as picking up a needle and starting to implement your designs.
With the development and evolution of technology, tattoo art has evolved in tandem. Now is no better time to become a tattooist, to learn the array of techniques and efficient machinery that can enhance a tattooist’s precision, but to also learn the various masterful secrets of tattoo artisans that are now conveying and displaying the craft in an openly transparent way.
Traditionally, one of the most effective ways of learning a particular tattooing style was to undertake an apprenticeship with a master tattooist who has renown and proficiency in the particular tattooing skill you have an interest in. But as time has evolved, so has the demand for tattooists who can display proficiency in multiple tattooing styles. This has presented a need in having to be taught in the perfect educational environment, in-order to learn multiple styles from multiple tattoo artists, and hence the popularity and effectiveness of tattoo artist training schools.

Learn Tattooing the Most Effective Way; By Immersion
Originally the entire premise of tattoo schools seemed obsolete and unnecessary; many tattoo artists would argue that no other learning method could replicate the one-on-one tutelage of an apprenticeship. Unfortunately this was widely thought, but completely inaccurate, nearly all approved tattoo artist schools provide one-on-one training that is very similar to the relationship dynamic seen in apprenticeships, but the student also cycles between tattooists who are masters in their respective style. This allows the student to adopt and experiment in the style that they will display a natural affinity with, thus proving a more efficient and enjoyable experience for the student.
Not only do tattoo schools increase the respective learning capacity of the individual, but they also increase the amount of experience each student can accumulate, by enabling an open dialogue between other students and the array of teachers with their particular methods. This pro-active, problem-solving environment, where students can increase their experiences furthermore will see the students in good stead- for whatever decision they wish to take towards the next step in their tattooing career.
The rise of tattoo training schools has helped the development and enforcement of universal tattooing standards towards procedures and maintenance of the practitioners tattooing environment. Having a ubiquitous health and safety guideline allows the prospective students to place their trust in their chosen authenticated school.
Tattoo artist hopefuls can be assured at the professionalism of their tattoo school by their certification, but if further proof is needed, they can inquire into the feedback from past students via online forums and social networking. Luckily, as the schools teach a higher number of people than would be possible in an apprenticeship, the amount of feedback also increases. This helps prospective students make an even-more informed decision, in-deciding whether the tattoo school is right for them.
You must be reminded to check the authentication of your chosen school, and be duly responsible for the research you put in to learning what that specific schools reputation is like. Because unfortunately there are anomaly’s; tattoo schools that refrain from sticking to the ideal health and safety measures and these schools may not offer an adequate standard of training that the majority of tattoo schools may offer.

Is Your Chosen Tattoo School Legitimate
When researching, you must establish if the tattoo school is known within its community and whether it has an internet presence. Knowing this will allow you to thoroughly research your chosen schools reputation and come to a conclusion; whether it is a legitimate practice or not.
For example; The India Tattoo School in ‘Goa’, has an established reputation with reputable tattooists, Bharat. The school has won numerous awards in the international tattoo convention in Bangkok and Pattaya. The India Tattoo School has a considerable presence in its community and if the school displays a recognizable presence in the tattooing community of that country it can be safe to assume that the school is legitimate and a position to train there is most-likely sought after.
Established tattooing schools like the India Tattoo School preach proper procedure and uphold the importance of health and safety while maintaining a great manner with customers and colleagues. The tattoo school knows that every student they graduate is a representation of their own ability and the school as a whole. Knowing this, they ensure that every student is capable of correctly performing universal tattooing techniques cleanly and effectively. These methods that are widely practiced in legitimate tattooing schools also generate positive feedback from their past students, perpetuating the positive feedback that helps enlighten other enthusiastic people who wish to tread the same path as you

Watch Out For Those Tattoo Schools That Aren’t Legitimate.
A sad truth today, is that some tattoo schools exist only to exploit their clients. These schools do not have a passion for tattooing and lack a deep-held respect for the art; they wish only to generate profit at the expense of others. These schools will not be authentically licensed and may not adhere to proper health and safety regulation. This ignorance can result in extremely dangerous practices, by not abiding the critical procedures; such as the use of continuous fresh needles and a clean environment to prevent infections and the spread of diseases.
Your research is crucial in stopping yourself from becoming a victim of these schools and unwillingly spreading their poor practices to other establishments and placing customers at risk. Your first steps towards checking whether a tattoo establishment can be trusted is to follow the same procedures you would have done with other tattoo schools and begin by acquiring feedback via online. Check social networking sites if they have an online presence, if they do not have one this could be a sign that they have either; decided to not exploit an online marketing avenue or a warning sign that due to constant negative customer feedback they stopped their presence and took their profile down. It would also be wise to research and trawl through tattoo forums that may have mentioned the particular tattoo parlor in question. A simple name search into a search engine should yield the initial results to get you started in establishing the reputation of the tattoo business.
If you do not have access to the internet or you wish to further research an establishment, I advise you to go into the tattoo school and speak to the teachers and artists. Note their demeanour, whether they are polite and approachable. Also notice the cleanliness of the school overall for this can be a big indicator of their standards. Do not be shy about asking to see a tattoo schools license to practice; many tattoo schools will have their license on a wall in a visible location to their customers to reassure them that this is indeed a regulated and professional tattoo training school.

How Are Tattoo Training Schools Seen Among-st Their Peers?
To put it simply, it all depends on the school. If the tattoo training school has quality credentials and has been established for a long time, then this plays a considerable factor. This is a factor you, yourself should take into account as discussed in this article, because this will allow you to pick a school with a graduation certification that will be taken seriously. 
Some tattooists argue that a school cannot replicate the experience of learning under an apprenticeship for 1 – 3 years. That there is an insurmountable amount of knowledge to learn in the time span most tattoo schools give you to get your certification. And they are right to a degree, a reputable tattoo school will teach you the basics of line work and color theory but more importantly they will teach you the fundamentals of health and safety. You will leave a reputable tattoo school with the definite knowledge of looking after your customers and following the correct procedures. You will also learn new techniques and have an improved technical ability. But where experience is concerned there is no short cut. An apprentice of 1 – 3 years may outperform you in technical drawing tasks and the only way around this is by practice. Either by pursuing an apprenticeship or internship with your new certification credentials that you have acquired at a school, or to use these credentials to get your foot in the door and gain a paying position at a tattooist- with a company who are willing to aid you in your journey to become an even better artist.
A tattoo training school can be the first and one of the most crucial steps into starting your journey in becoming a dedicated tattoo artist and being embraced by the beating heart of today’s tattoo culture.