Tattoo Course Prices

Indian Tattoo Classes to Make You a Master

We offer the most prolific and intensive sessions on offer in Asia. Our goal is to develop your innate tattooing talents in a productive and friendly environment, in order for you to progress and understand the array of techniques that could be at your disposal.

Enjoy training courses at a fraction of the price

We provide tattooing courses on three fundamental techniques that begin from ‘Beginner Machine, ‘Beginner Bamboo and ‘Advanced Machine’ tattooing . The amount of time you wish to spend on each course can also be negotiable, because we understand that everyone learns at their own method and pace.

All our lessons are taught with a hands-on approach with one-to-one tuition and instant feedback to ensure you are on the right track all the time. Our beginner courses will start with an introduction day and then proceed to practical machine-tattooing on day two, as your confidence grows in using the tattooing equipment, you will then go on to live-models and accomplish at least one large scale designs on day six, and continue until your course ends.

Our advanced tattoo artist training courses will have you tattooing our live-models from the initial day of the tattooing course while producing a large design everyday till the remainder of the tattoo artist classes, ensuring you get the most out of your experience at our school. 

Why choose our tattooing facility?

There are numerous schools throughout India, that offer a tattooing courses on a budget, but unless you do your research and check the respectability of the tattoo teacher, you may be hindering your own learning experience. Whether you decide to go onto artist training, beginner or advanced lessons, you will benefit from the knowledge and guidance of our experienced and reputable teachers who have won awards at the international convention in India.

Our standards our maintained continuously on our establishment, we limit ourselves to teaching only 5 students at a time, in order to ensure a high-quality learning environment. With our guidance you will go on to be another of our successful art students who may go on to open their own tattoo business and fulfill their dreams. We are always available to contact and offer support to all our graduating students who become part of our ever expanding family!

We have an array of student testimonials that you can read to reassure you that you’re in safe hands at our school.So what are you waiting for, contact us right away if you have any queries!

Benefits of our tattoo art classes:

• One-on-one attention and small class sizes

• Ancient tattoo training within a fun, modern environment

• Comprehensive lessons covering technical knowledge and real-world experience

• Prorated tuition fees based on course duration preferences

• Internationally recognized certificates awarded upon graduation

• Non-refundable deposits

• Payments accepted online for tattoo training courses

Become a Pro Artist for a Brighter Future – Tattoo Training For Any Budget, Any Experience Level

Your future starts here in India, one of the oldest motherlands of the ancient art form. Wherever you come from and whatever your financial background, you have a chance to learn and master the exciting tattoo art trade directly from the source.

All our classes are Monday till Friday 9am til 3pm


Throughout the art course, we guarantee that you will get to conduct one piece on a live model, each day.