Students Around The World

India Tattoo School Graduates Showcase Kaleidoscope of Stunning Work

How will you use your tattoo art school training to unlock creativity and express yourself on a human canvas? Get inspired by the work of Sulaf from Bahrain, and many more up-and-coming international tattoo artists.

Most of our students came to us with no knowledge or experience of tattoo artistry. After completing our hands-on program, which gets beginners tattooing on human models in the second week, they were producing the beautiful works of art you see in these galleries! Some other schools cost much more, and never give students the opportunity to practice on anything beyond plastic models. We immerse our students in the creative process to give them all the skills they need to work as professional tattooists.

Tattoo School INDIA is the first and oldest tattoo art school in Asia, and our award-winning teachers attract students from around the world to learn this ancient art form. As the only school registered by the government of India for tattoo and art courses, we maintain high standards for hygiene and safety. Take a look at the creativity, the skill, and the joy of learning a unique art form admired by people around the world.

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